Wednesday, October 28, 2009

'Tis the Pumpkin Season

I just wanted to post in ode to this beautiful season God has created! Isn't Autumn just the best? I have pumpkins all over my living room. Not only pumpkins, but pumpkin-shaped candles. I am enjoying all the soups and stews. The gorgeous red, yellow and orange chocolate...sweaters...scarves...I could go on and on!

Best of all, I am staying inside more. Getting my house organized. I'm not a "Spring" cleaner. It's too nice out for that. This is when I do my organization. It's also very good on the pocket-book, then I am not strolling the mall of south Seattle :) In fact, lately, I have been working very hard at being creative without spending money. It has been great.

The library really is excellent. We have one just 5 minutes away that has the best stuffed animals and little nooks for Brilla to crawl into as she reads her books. Then, 5 minutes the other direction, is the gym! I am taking more advantage of my membership since I feel so much better these days. My goal is to walk about an hour 3x/week. What I love about working out during pregnancy is that the aim is not losing weight, but staying healthy. Something Brilla (especially) loves is having playdates with my neighbors. We switch homes every time. Another gal, K, has joined our circle. She's prego, too! It's the joke, because 3 out of 4 of us are expecting :) Anyway, we just spend a couple hours letting our kids play, then we sit for a little snack. One of the gals is very generous, and always cooks a delicious lunch.

What are you all doing this Saturday? Well, we are going to the harvest party at our church...I think. We may do something for my birthday instead. We will see! So yeah, my birthday is this Saturday, too! We have a 40's diner girl costume for Bri to wear. I am going to be a pumpkin! Pretty easy since I'm round enough!

I am 19 weeks tomorrow. Only one more week until I find out if Baby is blue or pink ;) The excitement is just too much for me! I cannot wait! We three will all be in the room for it.

I'm feeling great these days. Almost too much. I have so many projects I want to get done. Can you say "nesting"?

Anyhow, will let you know how my birthday weekend goes!

Monday, October 19, 2009

With My Date


We had a great weekend...once it got started. Mike actually had to work on Saturday, in that rain and muck. Meanwhile, I was able to get my house organized. Seems like during this cold weather, my home gets "lived in" more and thus, dirty faster. Especially our small home.

After Mike got home Sat, Brilla was granted to her grandparents :) and we headed off on our date. We ate at BJs! Our new find. What a great place, with awesome food. We love their pizzas so much, we both ordered separate ones - the Southwestern (Mike), and pineapple/ham (me). We even went out on a limb and ordered dessert, can't remember the name now. Basically, it's just a big, soft cookie with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream on top. Talk about rich!

Then we headed into the mall and found the UW/Arizona game. Since we don't get the channel at home, why not take advantage of the huge Comcast screens there? We both adore football. I also popped into Borders to grab a couple magazines. I've never bought a pregnancy mag before, so it was very fun for me. So...there we were, both watching the game, this pregnant woman sneaking peeks at my magazine. LOL You can tell we're married! But it was relaxing for both of us, we had great talks at the restaurant, during our drives' was a wonderful night overall. Can't wait 'til the next one!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day

This was yesterday. October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

But if you have a moment, watch this video and say a prayer for someone who you know has lost a baby, whether in the womb or outside the womb. This is a long journey of healing, and each person finds that in their own time, with God's help.

Here is the video.

I will never forget my own Amelia. She is our little angel in heaven. I like the gravestone that says "Too good for this world, Heaven is your playground." Losing her at 7 months was extremely painful, but as I've posted recently, God is our Healer. Both Mike and I still shed tears remembering her, wishing Amelia was driving to the pumpkin patch with us, just starting to walk so she could help us with Christmas decorations this winter. But God had other plans. He wanted her up There with Him. And we are content with that.

Meanwhile, I don't take this Babe inside me a bit for granted. In fact, every single day I really have to pinch myself that this is real. There are so many women who cannot have children, and I am so thankful for mine. We will never understand the ways of God, but we can learn to accept what God gives us, be thankful for all the amazing blessings He has given, and realize He works amazingly despite the ugly things that rear their head in this world.

God bless all the women who have lost their babies. May He pour out His love on you!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Brilla Post and Where is My Dinner?

My husband left about 2 hours ago, I kid you not, to go get our dinner. He has not come back yet! I wonder if a phone call is in order :P

Meanwhile, I've decided to post about Brilla. She is officially 3 now and That comes with the good and bad, I'm afraid. She is so smart, it blows my mind. Today I said,"Sweetie, let's see how fast you can run to class (at Bible study, which is down a long hall - I was running a bit late)!" Response: "Mama, we don't run in the hall, we walk." Oh yeah, what was I thinking? ;)

Like I mentioned last time, she absolutely loves talking to Baby. Almost 3 times a day. And she asks, "Is Baby still in your tummy?" She gets it about losing Amelia, which is sad, but also precious at the same time. We don't give our children enough credit for understanding things.

She is singing at the top of her lung whenever she gets the chance. And I mean, singing. Today, in the middle of Target, she was seeing some Gospel song, really getting into the Gospel part. It was hilarious...and a little loud....which is why I asked her to quiet down some. But then a gal in the aisle said, "Oh no, don't stop, I'm lovin' it!" Haha. She doesn't have to listen to it 24/7. :)

My daughter also loves animals. Everywhere we go, she is meowing like a kitty, talking in a "kitty voice" (whatever that is), and making sad kitty faces. She loves the neighbor's dogs, and pets her cousin's guinea pig when she gets the chance. In fact, yesterday, guinea pig almost won her freedom because Brilla was attempting to open the cage, in great eagerness, all on her own. Even at Old Navy, she goes in and pets and talks to the dummy dog that stand with the dummy people. Know what I'm talking about, right? "He's sooooo cute, Mama. It's okay, Doggie, it's okay. Awww, Mama, he's soooo cute." I really was not planning on owning any animals, but I guess we'll have to see. Right now, I'm completely satisfied with her enjoying others' animals.

We've been struggling with disrespect, first time obedience, and whining. Things I'm sure will come up every once in a while. I think the hardest part is not training Brilla, it's training me. I really have to make sure I'm consistent, because she knows when I'm not paying attention/when I'm angry and might overreact/when I'm tired. Today I think we made excellent headway in the first-time obedience. I've also discovered that much misbehavior on my daughter's part occurs when she is unoccupied. So, I have invested in several workbooks, sticker books, puzzles, etc. All that coupled with BSF, is keeping her quite busy and happy. Parenting is quite the journey, isn't it?

Potty training is going super well. She stays dry during nap time. And usually during the night. Sometimes in the middle of the night she'll let me know she has to go potty. I then remind her she can get down herself, and she does it. And she even flushes, washes hands, and turns out the light! Can you believe it? That's one of those things I taught her, but didn't think she'd remember it all. My daughter's personality is one that has to have everything just right, but besides that, she's a toddler.

Well, no husband so far, and no dinner. Hope you enjoyed this post. Time to make that phone call!

Edited to add: Mystery solved - in the middle of getting dinner, my dear husband remembered he had his chiropractic and deep tissue massage appointments. Thus, we had a very late dinner tonight :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

God is My Healer

I thought THIS was a touching story. Proves forgiveness and restoration are not out of reach.

So much has happened lately. I wanted to share before time got too far in between posts!

September 24 seemed like an ordinary day as I woke up. But actually, it was a special day. The day we celebrated Amelia's 1 year birthday in heaven! I didn't know what to expect of my emotions. Well, God has done an amazing work healing my heart. Truthfully, it was not a sad, tearful day. It was one of jubilation. I was truly filled with joy at Where my daughter is! Last year, or even six months ago, I may not have been able to say that, but like I said, God is our Healer. That evening, we laid our card, special balloon and bouquet at her grave. It was so peaceful, I cannot begin to describe the feeling. We sang our theme song for Amelia -Jesus Loves Me- and some other worship songs. It was a time for remembering her, the 7 months she was with us in my womb, the precious moments of holding her body at delivery, and the hope of seeing her again some day. God has made a difference in our lives through Amelia and we'll never be the same.


On October 5, Michael turned 35! We had a family birthday party for him the Saturday before. We always have so much fun when family gets together. His request was spaghetti dinner. Believe me, we had plenty of it, too! Complete with sourdough garlic bread, green beans, sparkling cider, and the famous Goheen oatmeal chocolate cake (of which there was not enough)...

Then on his real day, B and I took him out to Claim Jumper, his favorite restaurant, gave him his card and gift, and watched a fun movie after getting home. He's exhausted after work, so it was the perfect thing.

And, not nearly as important as the above two events...I got a new cut/style! I should have taken a photo the day of, but the thought didn't enter my mind. I've had this style before - long, big layers. It makes my hair still look long, but adds depth and a little "edge" as well.

16 weeks, Baby!! That's truly how fair along the little bean is! I have told so many people this, but I am impatient to hold my Baby! I am grateful each week his/her body parts are being formed and maturing, but I still can't wait for the day when I give birth to this little one! We have the BIG ultrasound around my birthday. Wouldn't that be the best gift ever?! I think I've felt the baby kick. Some time around last night. I know it wasn't indigestion or gas because I'd eaten a while ago. Exciting, exciting :) My weight gain is completely different from my other pregnancies. Around this time, I would have already gained 5+ pounds. But I have only gained about 3. I am so much busier this pregnancy than other ones, though. It's a good thing! My appetite is gaining, however. Last night I had 3 helpings of taco salad!!

I have one small prayer request...I am having a rough time with my silly allergies! In pregnancy, one tends to have more mucus than usual anyway, and then I have bad allergies to boot. I'll be totally fine, then all of a sudden, have this runny nose that won't stop. Especially in the middle of the night - I'll wake up to use the restroom, then launch into this sneezing, leaky nose fit and not get back to sleep for a couple hours. It's awful!

Meanwhile, Brilla just loves on Baby. She is always asking to say "hi" to Baby, which includes fully pulling up my shirt. The first couple times I was completely unprepared for this...being out in public and all, LOL. But it IS sweet and I'm glad I'm recording it here. She will stroke my tummy and give it hugs. She sings and prays to Baby. Bless her heart! She will be an awesome big sister.

I am praising God for His mercy and provision. Despite this bad economy, my husband's construction business is miraculously being given work. I mean, one project after the other. A lot of it is tweaked from what they're used to doing, but that's normal right now. Who knows, maybe a few months down the road, times will be lean. But we are trusting God each step, all the way. Praise His Name!