Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just signed up my daughter for ballet. She is THE happiest girl on the planet right now. Spinning and twirling around the house. We just went to Target and bought her a leotard and tights. Then we headed to the consignment store and got her another cute leotard (complete with skirt) and shoes for about 1/3 the price at the regular store. Yep, just checked. She's still twirling :)

Katie has finally decided to be interested in regular food. Pureed doesn't do it for her, I guess! So her diet the past couple days has been rice, banana, corn, and squash. We're headed to the store to buy some more things like avocado, whole milk yogurt, and perhaps some organic teething biscuits. It's also much easier to feed her since I assembled the high chair! We've had this thing before Brilla was born. But we also received one of those chairs that goes in a regular chair, so we used that for Brilla instead. Now we have this snazzy new high chair that I have to clean up, ha! Actually, it's not that hard. It has wheels, too, so I can move it around the best spot by the table. She loves being part of the family at the dinner family. Too cute!

I just received a NALA (National Association of Legal Assistants) letter. I am a certified legal assistant (paralegal) and have been for about 3 years plus. However, in order to maintain my certification, I have to take continuing education courses. I don't mind the courses. They are very fun and pick my brain. Plus, they are online now. But they cost money! And lots of it. About $75 per course. Anyway, the letter was letting me know they are extending my certification for another year (was going to expire 1/31/10). Now I have to decide if I want to keep it! Truth is, we plan to have more children, so I will not be working outside the home (Lord willing) for quite a while. And I have never used my certification. For about 2 years before kids I looked for an open position, but none were available. I'm very much tempted just to let my paralegal status expire. But 'tis sad, seeing all the work I have put into the past (especially in law school) be gone with the wind. Hmm. Any opinions?

I am loving this break week after Christmas. No Bible study. No piano lessons. No big commitments whatsoever! We have been playing with new toys (okay the kids have), crocheting ( I have), watching our new DVDs, making dinner, and just enjoying time together. Wish this could go on forever!

If I don't post sooner, Happy New Year to you and yours! And maybe I'll get a new background and play list for 2011!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Over? Not Really!

Christmas is over! I still don't want to take down the Christmas tree, nativity and lights. Let's keep them up for another week!

We had a delightful Christmas. Exhausting, but delightful.

Christmas Eve was at my mother-in-law's. This is the night we all open gifts, so we hauled ours in and placed them with all the others under the tree. We had a scrumptous dinner, complete with prime rib. My mom makes the best. Boy did the kids get it good this Christmas! Brilla had more gifts this year than usual. I went a little crazy. Really, I didn't spend much money, but throughout the year, I kept piling stuff up. So her favorite thing was the dress-up stash. She has been in oddly sized dresses ever since Christmas! Can't get enough of being a princess or a ballerina.

Little Katie received some sweet things too, but her best part was being snuggled and cuddled by her fans all weekend. No alone time whatsoever...a baby's dream! Of course, we are paying for that now. The late nights (getting home at 12:30) didn't help either. This little darling is catching up on a bunch of winks. Tonight she feel sleep in my arms at 8:00 p.m. That never happens!

On Christmas Day, we all gathered at my sister-in-law's home. She had it beautifully decorated.
We stuffed our tummies with my caramel pecan sticky buns, Scotch shortbread and other goodies. We also had the best salmon made by my s-i-l.

The gifts I received this Christmas were perfect. A huge puffy white coat with fur-lined hood from my husband, a new 2011 planner and Hello Kitty pjs from my parents and bros, a new phone (free!) to myself, and a myriad of little things from friends and family.

You know, I actually have more fun giving gifts than receiving them. Sure, I really do enjoy the surprise of the gifts. But I love, love giving exactly the right thing to the right person. This year I really invested some time because because I crocheted many of the gifts...some scrubbies for my mom, soaker for Katie, hat for Brilla, hat & scarf for a girl friend, and an afghan for my grandma-in-law.

The Christmas celebration was delightful. And as I reminisce about the last few days, recovering from the holiday, I think of the phrase "...and man shall live forevermore because of Christmas Day". Praise Jesus!! He came as a human babe, who later died on the cross and rose again, so that we too could have life. And have it abundantly! We will live forever with Him in Heaven! Hallelujah!

So Christmas isn't over...not really!