Friday, October 28, 2011

I Have To Get Out of Here!

This is what I said to myself yesterday after a long week of school, sickness and cleaning. In fact, my friend, Susi, said it succinctly in her last blog post.

I have come to love being a stay-at-home. It's a blessing I am able to be there for my girls. I would miss so many moments.

But this week did me in. After a long week of dealing with my youngest's cold, the repetition of opening and closing school books, cleaning up after my creative children who have strewn every belonging we have over every inch of 980 square feet, folding laundry, making beds, planning meals, changing diapers, answering questions, I was ready to get out of here!

I've been watching our budget well, eating at home for every breaskfast, lunch and dinner. Which is good. But when you do that every single day, including the weekend, that amounts to a lot of dish cleaning, counter-wiping, and feet tiredness. Especially while pregnant.

In not so many words I told my husband we have to go somewhere. We did. Even though it was 8:00 at night, we had a simple, wonderful family time at Panera Bread. We each chose a baked goody, complete with milk and tea. And just laughed. Laughing felt so good.

This morning, as I woke up, I thought,"I don't know if I can take another day of this mundane routine. What am I going to do?" Which is very strange, because at the beginning of the week, I know what I'm about. And to boot, my life is not mundane. I am extremely busy with two active kids, one on the way. But we all need a change of scenery. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.

So I plugged along, checking my email, helping my daughter with school...until I got a call letting me know I'd missed my chiropractic appointment but could still come in!

We rushed to the appointment. I'm glad I made it, my lower back goes out so easily these days. Since we were right near Target and TJ Maxx, I decided it was a grand plan to return some things, as well as shop for a few needs (okay, and wants!).

Aside: We have, I kid you not, one pair of sheets for our bed. The last pair we had were 600 thread-count and were the best ever. We used them solely, until they bit the dust. Gratefully, I found a nice pair of sheets. Then, I bought a few other linens - some washcloths, a blanket and quilt for our bed. This retail therapy was a good temporary patch.

However, on my way home, I started getting depressed. A message was left on my phone saying we had been picked for a state audit. Wasn't that nice of them? Second time in fiver years, too. I called to appeal, but the tax specialist just chuckled and said, "Just consider yourself lucky?" I didn't find that very amusing. An audit entails much compilation and digging into old files. After that, I found out we have a to pay a large sum for a certain tax. I thought the calculations were off, but after looking into it, found out it was correct. Double frustration.

So, my boring day turned into a depressing one. Which, strangely, was better than being listless? Yes, call me crazy. I guess conflict drives me to resolve. And to get resolve, I must go to God. Is this why God doesn't leave me bored for very long? And when I do feel bored (which is completely and utterly human), I just need to make sure I don't fill it with fluff. Everybody's fluff is different.

Next week will not be boring. You know where I'll be. Digging up all that lovely paperwork and doing last minute data entry. Juggling girls, prego tiredness, and school. I'll be in my cold garage (where our files are stored), inwardly crying out,

"I have to get out of here"!

Next time, I will be glad for boredom :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

5 Minutes Left

I have 5 minutes left until I need to go to bed. I've been trying to get in to bed by 11. Believe me, it's been a looong day. I need the sleep. But somehow, freedom while the girls are asleep is delicious.

Nothing exciting today. Just daily grind - girls woke up before I did, then it was breakfast, school, dealing with K's newfound cold, paperwork (taxes) due, more school, clean house, soccer practice, late dinner. Finally, husband home.

However, since K had a cold, I wiped snot all day. She's so cute. After she sneezes, she says "Nose", meaning for me to wipe it. Cute, but exhausting. I think B and I both cheered when she laid down for a nap.

B and I studied police officers today. We looked up policemen from all different countries, even read their different duties. Then we created a police hat and badge. We even made a police man out of a toilet paper roll. Fun, she loved it. Tomorrow we study "safety rules".

Though it was an exhausting and stressful day, there was still the triumph of knowing God is present in our home, His Spirit with us. We had an amazing Bible time together. Learned about Peter being freed from prison. We have been learning that Christians are to live a life of prayer - just as Paul's friends were doing while Paul was in prison. Talk about instant and miraculous answer to prayer! If it was up to B and I, we would just have God time all morning. Singing praises and hymns and talking about who Jesus is, His attributes, what He's done for us.

Looks like I've exceeded the 5 minutes. Surprised? I had better head off now, though.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Not So Great Morning

All last night my stomach rumbled and gave me discomfort. Not the pregnancy kind of discomfort. This morning, I had to do a restroom rush. Throughout the rest of this morning I've had some pretty unfun diarrhea. If you're reading this, you're likely a mom who has kids and everything is no longer sacred. Read on, it gets more exciting *smirk*

My tabs are overdue and I needed to get an emission test done before getting the tabs. The girls and I arrived at the emissions place early so we could be over and done with it, especially since mom was feeling pretty uncomfortable. It was not to be. During the simple test, our battery died. It does that every once in a while, if you merely leave the dome light on, run the windows, or turn the radio on while the engine is off. We'd been needing to get a new one, and this was the moment of truth.

I guess it's protocol that they can't help jump you during work hours. Here I was, pregnant with a bad case of loose bowels, with two girls in the backseat, left to find someone to jump me. I was very tempted to blow a gasket. I admit, I called my husband (at least I had my cell phone), and cried. But only for 5 seconds. My logic kicked in and I called AAA. Of course, we waited for about 1 hour. I have family/friends who could have been there sooner. At least they had a bathroom at the station for moi. It was all for the better, though, because the AAA man came bearing a new battery to install. Thankfully, I was able to go get us some lunch nourishment after the installation, then immediately finish the emissions test (which only takes a whole 5 minutes or less).

Thankfully, during the whole process, my eldest was amazing. We also had games, our Awana handbook and magazines in the car to keep us company!

I am now in our cozy home, thankful for the small things, like a working battery. It only takes a small event like this to remind me to be grateful for a functioning car, or even more, for car ownership.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still Drippy But Making the Best of It

Here we are, still with the runny nose (at least K, that is) and missing Bible study. But instead of seeing the gloom, I am glad we get another day of full school so we can get the rest of the week off. Kindergarten is such bliss in that way. And though we can't go to Bible study, we can get out and have a day with Mamang (Filipino for Grandma) around lunch time. She does not mind the occasional drip :)

I am back at crochet. My morning sickness is always so horrible that I don't feel like doing much of anything for a, cleaning, hanging out with other moms, etc. But now I am back at doing all those things, and more. I feel great. I started a hat for K last night. One with a buttoned-back brim and huge flower on the side. Of course, I'm trying to do fall colors, but really I'd like it to last all year.

Once it's done, I'll post pictures.

I would like to make a hat for myself. I haven't done that yet. And then it's time to make those Christmas gifts. I'm excited about that because I want to try new things, and it will take a while. I want to make headbands for my nieces, maybe a purse for my sis-in-law, and socks for the mothers. I don't make the men things. I've learned that was a mistake a long time ago.

Yesterday was such a gorgeous Fall day that the girls and I went on a nature walk. We picked up all shapes of leaves in glorious brown, gold, green, orange and red. Ah. Maple. Birch. Oak. Couldn't get enough. We were having so much fun that B kept up the whole time and I didn't have to tell her to hurry up. Personally, I think walking is THE best exercise during pregnancy. We may go on another walk to see the horses today.

New discovery: Two things improved our school day yesterday...a schedule on B's marker board and 5 minute (productive) breaks in-between subjects. The schedule, because B likes to know what's ahead, what's expected, and she likes to check it off when done. The breaks, because her mind is able to relax a bit, and gather strength to focus for the next teaching time. Now, these breaks consist of things skill-related. Like drawing on her chalkboard. Painting. Using her Leap-Frog interactive globe or map. Puzzles. We both like this change of pace and it works wonders.

Now I'm off to take a bath, but have to scrub the bath first. Don't you love being your own maid?