Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Real Treat

We've been having fun with our cousins this weekend!

To be exact, my aunt, cousin and her family are visiting from Vegas (where it is triple digits) so they are grateful for the cool weather we've had this weekend.

This is in the small town of Steilacoom. It wasn't the best weather, but not pouring and the ocean was gorgeous. Besides, it's not what you do, it's who you're with!

It's always a special treat when we have family visit up here because they all live in California, Nevada, or the Midwest. And they all live in clusters (except for us) so they really have no reason to come up to the cold Pacific NW.

Too funny, this past weekend, we have gone to places this PNW native has not been in ages. For example, we went to Steamer's for dinner, then drove on a beautiful tour of Chambers Bay and Steilacoom. It's been a good while since I've been to Steilacoom. Then on Sunday, we visited the Museum of Flight and Snoqualmie falls. The real treat was on Monday. We went to the Sky City Restaurant at the Space Needle! I have been to the Needle once before a long time ago, but never to eat. It was quite the treat. A little pricey, but totally worth it. The view was amazing since the weather let up all day and the sun shone bright. Below is a video of one of the fancy desserts we ordered, the Lunar Orbiter. All four were free with the handy dandy coupon discovered by Steve and Phoebe!

Unfortunately, the girls are sick now. I think the lack of naps has caught up with them. I really don't know if it's related. I have an inkling Katie is teething due to the runny nose and trouble with sleep. Brilla had a mild fever last night. This morning she seems fine but I didn't want to risk it. We are missing out on the big trip to Mount Rainier today (boo!) and resting up at home. It was a hard decision to make, but as the day goes, I'm glad I made it. Brilla's watching cartoons and I'm catching up on housework and blogging. Katie is footloose and fancy free crawling up and down the house. I have to watch her like a hawk . She loves the toilet and yanking things off shelves. Oh, and taking every last item out of my purse. Think I'm going to put mine up and custom-make her own, using one of Brilla's and filling it with all kinds of fun stuff.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Post for the Week

Hey, I'm doing pretty good. Getting on here two weeks in a row!

Yesterday was the best July 4th celebration I can remember in a while. We had plenty of good food, the best weather ever, and and about 25 people to share it with.

We all agreed to go low-key this year. Since my sis-in-law was hosting this event at her home (and her husband was on a trip), we thought it only fair to divvy up the food amongst us other ladies of the family. Also, my mother-in-law exhausted herself at our church's July 3rd celebration, my mom worked her graveyard shifts that weekend, and I am pregnant. It turned out great. I've not cooked in a while, so it was fun for me to bake some blueberry crisp, marinate chicken legs in some homemade teriyaki sauce for someone else to grill (since I can't take the smell), and whip up creamy Italian dressing . We also had the Asian chicken salad from Costco, grilled salmon, and the usual hamburger and hot dog combo. My mom made an amazing potato salad and made up shortcakes for our strawberry decadence later. Fresh berries from Picha, too! My mother-in-law made some chocolate zucchini cake (which, if you've never had, is so delicious) and my cousin-in-law made banana bread. And I was worried that we wouldn't have enough dessert. Ha.

We were up 'til midnight lighting fireworks and watching all the neighbors light theirs. I didn't light fireworks growing up, so my favorite part of the whole day was watching Brilla's enthusiasm. Strangely, I feel very rested today after sleeping in. Brilla had her first swim lesson this morning. Katie is catching up on sleep right now. We are just chilling. Later we might play out in the sun and water. But right now, the relaxation is perfect.

My brother's girl friend is in town, staying with for the week. It has been cute to watch young love. I found myself reminiscing about what it was like to fall in love with Michael. So many new feelings inside and so much time to spend time alone together...without housework, without kids. But then again, there's also all the unknowns when you are with someone, not yet engaged or even married. Will I be committing the rest of my life to this person? Will their family like me? Where will we live? How will we make our money? Yes, I do like post-wedding better after all. Many unknowns still, but the Pilot knows our way. And I have a sweet man and two adorable (one in heaven) children out of the deal.

Which reminds me. Brilla said this afternoon, "Katie and I were born to Earth, but Amelia was born to Heaven." True. Out of the mouths of babes.

The Babe is 10 weeks. He/she is 1 1/4 inches long. It is starting to dawn on me that in little over 6 months, we will have a little red, squawling baby to hold and cherish. I see the expectant mothers and newborns all around in the parks, at the grocery store. It's a mother's instinct to long after the tiny toes and fingers. And it's reality that wakes us again to sleepless nights, having to go pee numerous times, and knowing our body will never be the same!

I've figured out that to speed up my digestion (since I continously feel bloated after eating) and metabolism, I need to be more active. I have not been exercising, and thoroughly lackluster. Perhaps my next post will be about how good I feel. *Smile*

Oh, and I have a new read. "Spoken from the Heart" by Laura Bush. It promises to be a long one at 432 pgs. Just from the introduction, I had to grab a tissue...which I attribute highly to pregnancy. She is a good writer, and I'm looking forward to the following chapters. Lately, I have been enjoying non-fiction. I'm almost finished with "A Thousand Gifts" and just completed "Out of Darkness", written by an acquaintance.