Thursday, September 27, 2012

I am so glad this world is not our home. I mean, it's our temporary one, but not permanent dwelling place.

This is a comfort,especially after seeing countless dear ones die, and others contract incurable disease and still, others endure suffering. This earth is such a trap for our hearts to chase after wrong goals too - to earn the mighty dollar, to be popular, to acquire more things, to be the perfect family.

My hear aches for so many around me. The longer life I lead, the more I see it, the more I pray and the more I long for heaven.

My daughter, Amelia, would have been four years old this last Monday. I almost can't believe she would be that old. Old enough to talk about Jesus, old enough to run and play with her sisters. Old enough to just love on and grab for a hug and kiss. Oh, to hold her.

But she is in Heaven, surrounded by so much love by the One Who is Love. His love is so incredibly perfect,  so redeeming and eternal, that is leaves me dripping with thankfulness. I think I love my children and my husband, but it in no way is even close to His Love.

Some day we will be with our Savior, Jesus Christ in heaven and we will have our questions answered, or our questions will seem futile in the splendor of His presence. His glorious, amazing presence.

What will it be like to be in heaven? Last night, I couldn't go to sleep, for thinking of what it look like, how I will worship the King of Kings. To think that Creator God loves us so much that He sent His Son to bleed and be darkened, abandoned with our sin upon Him is incredible. Every time I think of it, my mind is blown.

When all the duties of the day have been done, and I am worn out, I ponder this Grace. And somehow, it renews my Spirit, it lifts my weary soul and gives me rest.

I am loved, my daughter in Heaven is loved, I can show my daughters this kind of love because He first loved me!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Knees Hurt

I've been doing the Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30. Only difference with me is that it's too exhausting to do it 6x/week, so I do it 3x. It will take longer to get in shape but I can't run the risk of running low on breastmilk.

Also, my knees hurt. She does a lot of lunge exercises. I think it has been rough on my knees. I know you have to do lunges properly, but even with good technique they have been hurting. So, I am looking for a new DVD workout. Something with lots of cardio. Thinking of checking out YouTube before anything else! Just so you know, there is a great Malibooty workout on there which works wonders. I've been doing that for a couple weeks. My abs, booty, and thighs are the problem areas!

Since Brilla's birthday party, I've overdosed on baked goods. Time to snap my body to attention with healthier eating!

Speaking of Brilla's birthday, we had such a good time:

Friends, cousins, cupcakes, pinata, what could be more fun?!

The girls and I went to the fair on opening day. It was exhausting but worth it. We got to fish, eat strawberry cones, see the Lego displays, look at the grange agricultural displays, check out the bees, pet farm animals, and see the tractor pull contest.

We are hoping to go back when Daddy has a free day so the girls can do rides!

We are having fun in the sun while it's still here. In fact, that's why we started school late. Here in Western Washington, it doesn't make a lick of sense to start school early and ignore that precious sunshine that starts in mid-July and goes through September, even early October.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh my goodness. I've been feeling really overwhelmed lately. My middle girl has been hard to handle lately, or maybe she's just two. Either way, yesterday there were runny noses, lots of demands, lots of whining, and lots of timeouts (amongst other appropriately sanctioned correction).

Whining can be catching, so my oldest has been reverting and whining too. She's mostly grown out of it (or do we ever??) but lately because her younger sister is, she's joining in.

I had a bad allergy myself the other day, which I haven't had in a while, so that landed me pretty hard. Whenever my immune system is low, it starts up. I had run out of multi-vites, was exhausted from working out so hard (thanks a lot Jillian Michaels!), and got to bed late several nights in a row. Combine that with  Allergies always render me useless which itchy eyes, and constantly blowing the runny nose. Really, I just want to sink into a deep sleep and give everyone else 24-hour naps so I can recuperate.

Our Labor Day was super boring. We basically "labored" all day: my husband at the different job sites, and me, at home. Shared this with a friend this week, but when I was little, my dad used to always have chores lined up for us on holidays such as Labor Day. I would complain,"Dad, it's Labor Day!" "Yes,"he would say. "That's why we're doing work. We are laboring!" Ugh. He just didn't get it. And now I do the same thing. Ha!

I am selling my cloth diaper stash, so had to take pictures and post them online, which is pretty tedious work.Then I had to plan Brilla's birthday party and send out invites. Honestly, I would have preferred to be out and about in the sunshine, frolicking with the girlies but these things had to get done! The bathroom needed cleaning. Then the stacked laundry caught my eye. And while I was at it, cleaned up my disaster of a room, too. While doing that, I noticed all my maternity clothing was still in my closet. Cleared that out and into the garage. As I ventured out into the living room, I noticed there was every kind of crumb imaginable on its floor, so had to pick up all the toys/blankets, you name it, up first before I could vacuum.

Meanwhile, my middle daughter was at my heels, begging me for attention. And making the noises that go along with it.

Don't know about you, but when my toddler wants food, she wants it NOW. Does she always get it? No, because usually I'm in the middle of a project, or we just finished breakfast for heaven's sake, or I've bypassed the usual meal hour, or more likely the case, we have boundaries in our home and none of my children can demand food in a nasty way and expect to get it.

Whatever the case, it's stressful having a little human being demanding her way. Especially if other siblings join in because, you know, mom needs a little motivation to get on the ball :)

So I've made a decision. We are having fun today! We will run some errands in the process, but the kids will never know! We may only be out for a little while, since nap time is at 2pm, but a great time will be had.

And to boot, much of my cloth diaper stash is being sold this afternoon *smile*