Monday, November 29, 2010

Full of Thanks and Beyond

It has been so long since I posted last! I have been incredibly bad at writing regularly. I'm going to change that.

We've had a thrilling even happen over here. Brilla trusted Jesus as her Savior the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! We were both in the kitchen, I was washing dishes, and she started telling me different things about Jesus, etc., like she always does. But then it changed. She earnestly was telling me what she believed about Jesus.

"Mama, I believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I believe that He died on the cross for my sins and that He came alive again."

"What about your sins Brilla? What about them?"

"Sometimes I ask Jesus to forgive me for my bad sins in bed. Jesus took them away from me on the cross!"

We then delved into a conversation because I wanted to know if she sincerely believed all these truths she was spouting. How do you really know if your 4 yr old is genuinely interested in being saved? Is it just a fun thing to impress Mommy with all this knowledge? All these questions were running through my brain. I didn't want to force my daughter, but I didn't want to bypass a very important moment. As I sent a quick prayer to God about what to do, the Holy Spirit gave me His peace. He led me to pray with Brilla. She confessed her sins to Jesus and asked Him into her life. It was awesome. Then, she excitedly babbled to her infant sister, "Katie, I asked Jesus to forgive me and He gave me a new heart."

As each day passes, I see further evidence that Brilla's belief in Jesus is real and genuine. She keeps asking probing questions about Heaven and hell. And without a doubt knows she's going to Heaven. Yes, she's 4 and has a long road to maturity in the Lord, but don't we all? She will have seasons of her faith. Even to the point of depression and discouraged and immaturity at times. I've even gone through that. I have prayed for my daughter almost every night that she would come to know Jesus at a young age, and she has. I'm thankful, but I know the prayers don't stop here. In fact, they have just begun.


I can't tell you how good it feels to be back on schedule again. With the snow and holiday giving us a good two weeks off, I have been spoiled with Mike home helping with the girls and chores around the house. He's even started changing cloth diapers! He even cooked green bean casserole! (I know that's the easiest thing in the world to make, but hey, that's a huge step for my husband :)) Needless to say, I was hesitant to get back to real life on Monday. On the contrary, I have loved every bit! I was able to get to the gym, we did school work AND we even cleaned up the house. Monday is always a catch-all day, but I'm thankful for a healthy body to get things done. Did I mention that I was sick for a WHOLE week before Thanksgiving? My fever/migraine/flu lasted from the minute we got home from Disney World to the next Wed/Thurs. I've never had a bug like that before and am very thankful it's gone.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, let the Christmas festivities begin! We are looking forward to our Christmas tree hunt this Saturday, as well as a Christmas party the same weekend. Then we have our company Christmas party the following weekend. Meanwhile, I am crocheting many gifts this year, so my fingers have been flying! I'd like to post some of my work once I'm done. One of my projects I hope to finish soon is an afghan for my grandma-in-law and a soaker (diaper cover) for my daughter.