Monday, September 13, 2010

Heavy Heart

My heart's heavy tonight. I just found out about a couple splitting up because the husband was having an affair. I'm so sad and my heart aches for their children. How do you tell a child Daddy doesn't love Mommy anymore? Although I know God hates divorce, He never intended it...God hates unfaithfulness and he doesn't intent it either. Life is so broken.

Someday Brilla is going to want some answers on why this happens. While growing up, I underwent the fear of my parents getting divorced. Thank God, however, they have stayed together for 30 years, especially when all odds were against them. Fortunately, my husband's parents, when he was younger, promised and assured he and his siblings that they were not getting a divorce and would always be married. A promise which they have kept to this day. Do you know how reassuring that is to a child growing up in a world full of unbroken promises?

My husband and I have made the same promise to our daughter. By God's grace, not our own strength, we'll stick together through this life's ups and downs.