Monday, November 18, 2013

All I Want for Christmas (and Thanksgiving)

Hi there. I haven't written in a while, because basically, I have not had time! School and kids take it all up.

Right now, I sit at the computer, sipping my decaf Peppermint Mocha, thanks to a free reward from S-bucks. For anyone else who is a gold card holder, have you noticed how many rewards they are giving out now? There must be huge competition because before, I don't remember being able to get so many drinks and treats from them for so inexpensive.

On the flip side, I am not typically a foofy coffee drinker. My usual is a tall decaf latte with one raw sugar or just drip with cream and sugar. But because I'm pregnant with our fourth (or should I say, fifth!), coffee is very blah to me and I prefer it camoflauged, or even better, replaced with a vanilla rooibois.

Other things that are disdained during this pregnancy (while we're on the topic): Mexican food. Yeah, bummer. I end up smelling the garlic and onions on my breath until I scrub my teeth wholeheartedly. Baked goods. This is to my benefit since they all go to my hips and buns anyway. Lots of big, doughy bread. I can almost visualize the stuff stopping up my entire system. Or at least that's what it feels like. I prefer whole grain crackers, potatoes, brown rice. Ultimately, the worst thing about first trimester is my lack of vigor for cooking, or food, period. What sounded good at lunch, sounds horrible for dinner. And even though I cooked a whole pot of stew yesterday, I have no desire to eat it the rest of the week. I knew this would come, but God blesses us with blissful blocked out memories! Until we are there again.

Today was rough but my hubby saved the day. Usually I have to wake up early to get B to co-op on Monday morning. I didn't have a great sleep last night/this morning. Mike went into work later than usual, so he was able to take her in, while I stayed home with the littles! What a man.

When my immune system is low, I get a bad nose runs the entire day until I take a nap or go to bed at night. We've not been getting to bed on time, I've been eating leftover Halloween sour  candy to ease my nausea, AND I've been failing to take my prenatal vites the last few days. Thus, instead of typing this, I probably should be catching my zzz's.

All I want for Christmas is a second trimester.

 Until then, however, I need to be looking on the thankful side, grateful for this little peanut, asking God to keep him/her healthy.

Also, Mike's uncle (who is a pilot for a missions ministry) just found out a few months ago that he has terminal cancer. And is not expected to live past another year. This news is devastating. He is the youngest of Mike's uncles and seemed to be in excellent health. He is now here in the area and we have been able to see him and keep tabs on his health. His wife is a dear friend of mine and she is having a rough time, as you can imagine. It's in times like these that all is put into perspective.

We are expecting new life, in about 8 months, and our extended family is dreading life to end, only God knowing when that will happen. We are praying for healing, but also God's timing. Only He knows His plans for Tom's life and we pray whatever happens is a beautiful testimony of God's power and grace.

This Thanksgiving, I will get a chance to bow my heart to Jesus, thanking Him for every single gift He has given me and each member of my family. Accepting all from His hand, both bad and good.

And what do I really want for Christmas? I want a huge celebration of God's grace to us in the form of Jesus Christ. I want to bask in the gift of my family of five. I want to share joy with others by giving them gifts from my heart to theirs. I really want to love and be unselfish.