Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Written A While Ago, But Still Posting It

I have a bad habit of creating posts and never finishing or posting them. Please tell me this happens to you all?

Anyway, a past post:

To think that our Christmas celebration has come and gone is mind-blowing. All that preparation for 48 hours, over. We had an awesome, full Christmas. Full of family, full of love and full of thanks to Jesus for the best gift ever...salvation. However, I'm thankful there is no longer a counter full of goodies to tempt me. Yet one can't help but feel slightly listless as the Christmas days pass. Our tree is already out the door, chopped up and ready for firewood. We brought it into our home the weekend after Thanksgiving, so it has been giving up it's needles for a while now and can't say I'm sad to do less vacuuming. Of course, I miss the extra lights glowing in our living room. We still have the outdoor lights on, however, as well as the lighted garland on our mantle.

We're enjoying the two weeks of break. Last week we still did school, but there was no piano teaching, AWANA, Bible study or basketball. Only lots of family time. This week we are taking a school break, as we need a breather before we get back on our feet again...into a new year.

Hard to believe I am 35 weeks pregnant and counting! How I feel these days...huge. I feel like I am a clumsy goof. Cleaning the bathroom this morning took twice as long. I'm thankful Mike is going to clean the tub, can't reach inside anymore. I'm having trouble sleeping. For Christmas, instead of gifts, Michael and I got each other a new bed frame. It has done wonders as far as comfort. But now I get up twice in the night and no position is real comfortable. A massage helps me fall sleep quicker. The only other complaint I have is my lower back and pelvis. Yeah, those are achier than ever these days. But they make me tired by the end of the day and that's what I need to get to sleep.

What did you get for Christmas? I got some neat gifts from extended family: Selah CD, whisk, knit scarf, portable DVD player, picture frames, tool set, and makeup gift card. Seems as an adult, I'm less into receiving gifts and all about the giving though! I tend to be a gift-giver at heart anyway. Seriously, a don't need more clutter or knickknacks, especially in our small home. This year, our family chose give to give a sheep, bio-water filter, New Testaments and tracts to those in Asia who really need it. The Gospel is the gift that keeps on giving!

I'm currently listening to the audio version of Forgotton God, by Francis Chan. All I'm going to say is that you need to hear it/read it. More importantly, you and I need to read our Bibles, and hear (do) what God has to say; man-taught, self-made theories, and denominational differences set aside. Don't know about you, but I want the Holy Spirit to have more of my heart and mind every day!

There are many new babies at our church! About 6 to be exact. A mom-friend of mine had her baby just in time for Christmas. What a precious present. Looks like I'm next in line at church! I've been crocheting away. I hope to finish a diaper wrap before time is short.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

At Home, On Vacation

Money is tight this season. Who isn't having to watch their pocketbooks?

So we decided, instead of Michael and I going away for a 4 day trip to Florida with his uncle, or California for a long weekend, that we would just stay in the area and have a stay-cation with the girls, then later Mike and I would head out to the coast together.

It was awesome.

The first day, we were still working on the audit, so we didn't get out. But we made ourselves quit work at 4 p.m. that evening and start our vacation. At about 2 I got all the office work on my end completed and to kick off, we got the house cleaned and spiffed up so we'd have a nice home to come to after our full days of being out! Afterward we went to dinner, then headed to look around at a huge furniture store geared toward family. It's not just a furniture store. It's a few acres of furniture, plus a train that rides around outside, popcorn, talking animals, and amazing home decor to purchase inside. Katie loved it, especially the talking roosters. Since she can't differentiate between roosters and hens, she kept saying "Bawk, Bawk, Bawk!", then "Moo, Moo" for the cows, all the way through the store. Adorable. She loves animals and saying their sounds. All the time. In fact, if your animals are lacking attention, Katie will take care of that.

The next day, we were going to go to Northwest Trek, but they're only open on Fridays during the Fall/Winter. We went to breakfast, then to Kelsey Creek Farm park instead. What a blast. They have beautiful trails to walk along, farm animals to peek at and take photos of. Of course, it's better to go in the Spring and Summer, they have more animals out. But we got to see horses we didn't see last time. There is also a cute play area the girls hung out at afterward. And all for free :)

On Wednesday, we spend the day at Pacific Science Center! I was in grade school when we went there last! It has changed and expanded making it a great place for kids. Brilla got to see a planetarium show, view a real boa constrictor, touch sea urchins and lots more. Katie didn't care for the toddler area but loved walking around the dinosaurs, being with her sister. After lunch (note to self: bring our own next time), we sat in for the IMAX show, "Rocky Mountain Express". Katie slept in my lap the whole time, which was a gift from heaven. The movie was mind-blowing. I did not realize so many lives were sacrificed for the sake of the Canadian rail road. The scenery was breath-taking. The story was very intense. Every time I look at a rail road from now on, I don't take it for granted, remembering the people who initially carved them out. It wasn't easy, at times, fatal.

That night, we went to Claim Jumper. Much to our surprise, with some rewards points earned, we got the entire meal free! Michael realized too late we could have gotten their rich brownies after all :) Really not too sad, seeing we had some cinnamon coffee cake waiting at home.

The last day of our family stay-cation was at the mall. Brilla and Daddy had special time together at the bounce house, while Mommy and Katie hung out at the book store, looking at kids books and throwing balls to each other. (She didn't care for the play area, which was the inital plan). I am not about to engage in bouncing on toys at 7 1/2 months pregnant.

We were going to play Glow Golf, but thought the process would be long for the youngest, so we rode on the rides instead. Cheaper than an amusement park or even the state fair! Afterward we got cotton candy and pretzels. Yum.

We headed home to pack the girls up. They were going to Grammy's, then Auntie's, then Mamang's for the weekend, while Michael and I went to the coast for a few days, alone!

You don't usually dream of going to the ocean in the Fall, especially in Washington. But let me tell you, it was beautiful. There was no one around, so our walks along the beach were private and romantic. Also, there is nothing to do this time of year except eat, walk, bowl and watch tv. We were forced to simply relax and that is what we did. I even got a hot bath in, in the jetted tub :) There was a fireplace in the room, too. I wish I could we used it, but the rooms were heated so warm, a fire would have been too much, especially for me. So we sat in chairs by the window, looking out at the ocean.

On the last day it was sunny! No rain. We bundled up and didn't feel the cold. Good thing I brought my rain boots, because I could tromp out into the water. Ahhh, such a free, crisp breeze and all the time in the world to walk with my husband. After our drive home, we were able to head out to a billiards hall and play hoops, air hockey to our hearts' content, just like teenagers. We'd always wanted to do that and it was worth it.

It ended way too fast, and before you know it, we were greeting our girls again! A wonderful respite and we had missed the girls. But after a while with them again, we realized why we had needed a break :) It will be an adventure with three!