Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Monday

Today was one of those days. Tonight was one of those nights. Mom didn't feel too good and the kidlets were in rare form.

Brought the middle girly home from dance and said hello to a monstrous mess throughout the house. It was mainly my nearly-three girl's fault, but really, all the kids gladly contributed to toys in every.nook.and.cranny.

Monday is co-op day, and the beginning of all things school and regular schedule. It's also paperwork and pay bills day since I don't have to teach. After cramming that all into one morning, along with not feeling well, I was pooped.

So when I got home and the kids hadn't eaten and my home was a hurricane, I knew it was a long night ahead.

The saving grace was chicken quesadillas for dinner. I gobbled those things up like an athlete gobbles Powerade. Then we proceeded to clean.

Not to mince words, I am a drill sergeant during clean-up. I am slightly impatient in that I want the mess fixed fast and to boot I have young children who are in training and not so focused. In fact, my youngest is in "Squirrel!" mode 99% of the time. I'm also impatient because I want to be done and have some fun. That's my motto.

Now the rest is history. My kids are all in bed. The house is officially clean. I am sitting on the couch, with a headache, but happily munching on a cinnamon roll. A neck massage pillow behind my head. Re-watching the NFC Championship game. Okay, that last part is not my choice but my husband's. Which is so totally funny to me because...yes, I like to replay games, but maybe a month later when there's no more football? It happened like last night for heaven's sake. He makes me laugh.

Tomorrow is the dawn of a new day. And new messes. But give me a cup of coffee and I can take it.

Happy Monday!