Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I haven't really had time to sit and think about what I'm thankful for. But this year, I can sincerely say I've been asking God to give me a more thankful heart.

Instead of a chunky post, here's my list:

I'm thankful for...

~My husband's relaxing piano playing.

~The Holy Spirit's continual companionship and conviction. "I will not leave you as orphans..."

~My girls.

~A healthy pregnancy and the fact that we're having another girl. At first I was disappointed, but it lasted for a short time and my heart is flowing over with excitement to see my daughter.

~The week-long staycation we just had.

~Enough money to cover all our necessities (and even some wants too!)

~Family. Especially my brothers. Miss them so much!

~Finding out the good news that my brother is engaged to be married this summer!

~A warm home.

~Piano students who keep me on my toes (and help me keep my house clean).

~Good food.

~My church family

~Close friends that we can hang with.

~Starbucks gift cards!

~A close second is home-brewed espresso!

~Home schooling. It's been an adventure to say the least, but we're liking it a lot more than I originally thought we would!

~Katie walking.

~Brilla reading on her own.

~Brilla always wanting to be a big helper. Don't know what I'd do without her.

~God helping me overcome a bad habit (sin) in my life.

~Gorgeous earrings from my husband for my 30th birthday!

~My 30th birthday celebration.

~A (finally) decorated bedroom and bathroom.

~House slippers.


~Autumn produce fresh from the valley.

~My violin that I've picked up again.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm really boring these days. Doing lots of paperwork and data entry.

The auditor came early this week and spent 3 hrs at my house, while I went around in a whirlwind getting the necessary paperwork for her to view. My friend Sarah (who has two kids of her own!) was kind enough to watch the girls for me during this time. We were audited 6 years ago and back then we hardly had any paperwork. But this was totally different, after being 5 years in a new business setup. They say it's a random choosing, but man, they chose the wrong time to come! Well, when ever is a good time for an audit? Just not while I'm pregnant, okay?

It went better than it could have, let's just say. We seemed to have missed a certain tax along the way; thankfully, she's only going back to 2008. So, we do owe money, but not oodles.
Seriously, when you own your own business, you are thankful for the small breaks.

After she left me in a heap, I tried hard not to be discouraged. We were supposed to take a family vacation this weekend and now those plans are gone because we need to submit our reconciliation. But we just decided, by golly, we're going to get this done then take our vacation next week! My husband's job is such that vacation days are unpredictable. He never knows when he'll get jobs, and sometimes projects go longer than predicted. So we take the vacation days as they come! Since I'm pregnant and have no desire to fly anywhere with my toddler, we are going somewhere in-state. But along the coast. Doesn't that sound nice? Even if it's cold, there's nothing like taking walks along the ocean.

Back to the audit. We're hoping to get everything done by this weekend. The auditor retires at the end of this month, so she wants to close the case asap. Fine with us. The past few days, I've had my nose in papers and fingers on the keyboard. Nothing like motivation to keep better records in the future! I feel like every year there's something we could have done to keep more accurate records or retrieve information better. Strangely, I am the office type, and were it not for kids, I'd have this business in better ship-shape. Anyhow, would be nice to have this stuff done before our "Evening of Worship" service at church. A goal anyway.

This morning I was so tempted to just stay at home and get this done. But I know my girls and I both needed Bible study. Fellowship with other believing women. And you don't get a time every day with just you and other women talking about God and His Word. I'm SO glad I went. Rewarding all around.

Also, we hung out with my mom over coffee this afternoon. We talked for a couple hours! B was bored to death (Katie was napping at home, since Daddy got in early from work) but mom and I had a good talk. Then, my mom was so tired she napped in the car and at our house for a couple hours! Must have needed the shut-eye.

Speaking of shut-eye, it's exactly what I need so I can get up early to tackle the numbers again. And our new bunk-beds just got in, so maybe we'll pick those up too! Wow, I can already see a busy end of the week coming. Good thing Mike's on a short break and can help out :)

Btw, I really need to post some pics to liven up this blog. Coming next post!

Friday, November 4, 2011


It's that time before the kids get up. The world is still somewhat silent, and the sunrise hasn't peeked through. It's in this moment I choose to bask in the Lord, what He has given and provided, not worry about the day will or won't bring. It's when I choose to be thankful for my two (three!) healthy daughters when others I know don't have a child, though they long for one. And I'm grateful for my husband, who is able to work, come home each night, and loves Jesus. I take so much for granted. Most of us do...until something is taken from us and we realize how good life really was. But you know? Life, even with it's rotten apples sprinkled throughout, is still good, because Christ is the Redeemer. There is chance for new life, maybe not in the physical here and now, but our souls can be saved. And nothing can hinder that. None can take that peace and assurance of Christ's everyday mercies away from us. One day we will ultimately be free and be made clean and holy, but we have been made holy here and now. Can I grasp that? Can I comprehend the Holy Spirit's work in my life? He is so much to me. My Comforter, my Strength, my Conviction, my Protector, my Teacher. The less there is of me, the more there is of Him to work in me. I say this because I am not perfect and need the attitude of Christ in me every day. Easy to type out, hard to live.

God has taught me a few simple truths this week.

1) I need to have "ears that hear". Some people change when they hear the simple truth. Other's don't, even though they repeatedly hear cleverly delivered messages. (Pharisees are a good example). Am I doer of the Word, not just a hearer? It doesn't matter what resources I read or how thoroughly I do my Bible study if I'm not doing what I should.

2) I need to forgive. I recently resolved in my heart that I couldn't forgive someone. I've felt this feeling before and knew it was wrong. Why do I still do it? Well, I flipped on the radio and bam, conviction! I need to forgive! Forgiveness is demonstrating the highest good, it's doing what Christ did for us. Do I so easily forget what I myself have been forgiven from? Unforgiveness is putting myself on the throne and thinking I can judge what can't/can be wiped clean. Jesus has much to say on forgiveness. But not just words, He did. He died so I can be forgiven and He still infinitely is more forgiving than I we ever will be. Forgiveness is what Christians are all about. "Put away malice and bitterness..." It's a continual process, not just a one time thing.

3) I need to love. Another things Christian are is loving. When people are around me, do they feel loved? Love is something that stems from the heart, not something conjured up by action. And you are right, sometimes we need to love even when we don't feel like it. It's a choice. The apostle Paul wrote that he loved the other believers in the Church. They were his joy, hope and crown. Do I love other believers, seek to help them? Or am I busy tearing them down, judging them? Part of loving is carrying one another's burdens and helping restore.

I said these were simple truths. Not simple to accomplish or easy to choose. But what Jesus asks me to do, I can do in His strength. His yoke is easy, His burden, light. It's when I let sin encumber me that my tasks become unbearable. He wants to give me rest for my soul.

Well...the kids are up now, the sun has risen and the day is here! There is breakfast to be made, violin to be practiced, school to be done, toys to pick up, diapers to change, etc....... But it's another day to live and love! Bring it on!