Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It occurred to me I had not given my review of 2010. Here it is straight from my journal, originally written on the first day of this year, 2011:

As I look back on 2010, I see a FULL year that flew by. Seriously. Where did it go? God has been good to us. I don't mean things have always been dandy. But God has been faithful and with us through every moment of 2010.

He was with us when I struggled with Bible Study Fellowship leadership...it was so hard being pregnant, juggling all the responsibility....the added struggle of not turning my time with God into a legalistic thing that stole my joy away. He was with us when I gave birth to Katie Claire, all 8 lbs of her! And God knew I wanted my Grandma there to see her 2 great- granddaughters, and to my surprise, He arranged it so she could. He truly knows the deep desire of our hearts. God is good because my dad turned 50; he and mom have been married for 30 years! God is good because even though business was down He still provided for our needs, above and beyond. Helped us to save, too. We have a roof over our heads, nice clothes on our backs, food to eat, cars to drive. I could go on & on. God has been faithful when we were able to afford a remodel and complete it; when Brilla turned 4; when I remembered our Amelia on September 24th. How deep the pain used to be; God does heal, His love and promises are yet deeper! We rejoice to see her again some day. God's goodness was again seen in providing a record-breaking amount of work during the fall and winter seasons, allowing us to go to Disney World. Our first family vacation in about 2 years. God has been good in bringing Brilla to know Jesus as Savior; finding a solid church; making new friends; growing us in our marriage; finding freedom from the sin of anger; Bible Study Fellowship for both my girls and I; homeschooling Brilla; allowing me to keep up with paperwork for the company. Thank you Jesus, you are the Rock that never changes; never ages!

Some lessons learned:

1) When things aren't right between Michael and I, take the time to talk and reconcile.
2) I'm only as good a parent as I am a wife, and only as good a wife as I am a Christian.
3) Be patient with Brilla.
4) I can have freedom from anger.
5) With the same judgment I give to others, I'll be judged! Do no judge/criticize others; pray for them instead. When praying, I can't help but love.
6) Spend time with God every day.
7) Death is a part of life. Heaven in sooner than we think. People we know and love will die, but don't be sad or anxious. Realize it won't always be this way; God will restore!
8) Cherish the times with my children. They grow quickly.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Short post but had to record this...

Mike said he brought some water to bed last night, then put the glass on the floor next to it. Next thing he knows, I awake and say, "Don't leave that glass on the floor." Dumfounded by my abilities, he asks, "Why?" Just to see if I really am that talented while half asleep. I answer, "Because you could get cut." I promptly return to Dreamland, never missing a beat.

And I don't remember a thing! :-)

Ha! Take that! I even multi-task in my sleep!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

(the above post title said in the tone of Inspector Clouseau)

Yes, I got a new look! Shabby Blogs has the cutest background choices :)

I got the ambition to change it all up at 11 o'clock at night. Isn't that how it always happens?

Anyway, the new background kind of sums up what I'm really interested in right now...sewing and crafting. I'm not that much a scrapbook/card-making kind of girl anymore (when I was single) as much as I am a homemade blanket or crocheted leg warmers kind of girl *wink* Or at least I'm getting there. So many patterns, so much material, so much yarn out there! Who can resist?

I have to watch out, though. I've learned from the past that I can get easily interested in something and get just as quickly disinterested. Thus, I've been delving in slowly. Making sure, after a few months, that I'm still interested in "whatever it is". Thankfully, I'm still enthralled with sewing, crocheting and cloth diapering as I was months ago.

When I was a girl, I made my first little pot holder. But my little hands and mind couldn't go past that. At the time, I was thoroughly involved in sports...having absolutely NO patience for any of it. I think as an adult there are some areas you mature in, task you develop patience for. Crocheting is one of the many!

My husband find it quite amusing. But his latest query to me is where we are going to put the sewing machine my mother is giving me (so she can buy a new one). I'm at a loss myself where to store it, but one thing for sure, it's coming to live with us!! My mom has graciously offered to service and oil the machine, for which I am grateful.

I'm so excited about buying new furniture. I love a good piece. I used to really like IKEA (okay I still do, don't get me wrong), but you have to admit, their furniture is cheap. ANYWAY, my husband has helped me to see it actually pays in the long run to get a good quality piece. Thus, my addiction to craigslist. And we have just recently acquired a gorgeous, espresso-colored buffet/dresser/tv console sort of piece that I will have to post pics of, if I can find my camera cord. Then, tonight at Costco, we found the exact computer table/side table we have been searching for! It was the last one, too. Score.

Next up, we need to purchase a new printer. Sadly, ours gave up the ghost the other night. We are looking at a laser, either hp or Brother. Anyone have any recommendations? We know the toners are more expensive than ink cartridges, but you don't have to change them nearly as often. Mike likes the printing speed better as well. I would greatly appreciate any input.

We also need a new desktop. Not a very easy task to up and buy one. Truth is, our hearty computer consists of a small, but mighty (!), Dell laptop. It has proved itself faithful and true. It's 5 year-old frame is wearing thin and we need something a little less portable and indestructible. What I really want is an iMac. I know, big dreams. And I almost feel like I need to whisper-type that because I know my husband wants just another Dell, or hp. And I didn't need to notice as I walked in for my chiropractor appointment that the entire office had just revamped their computer system with....iMacs!!! Of course, I asked all kinds of questions.

Then I texted Mike to let him know. :P

No, no. Honestly, I am very easily pleased and would be grateful for anything! I just want it to be better than a laptop!

I need to hit the sack. I should have been in bed, what?, an hour ago!

Cheers to the New Year 2011. 'Tis been a grand one so far!