Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Been Forever!

Did you miss me?

My last post was close to before Amelia's birthday. We had a wonderful day/weekend remembering her. I cannot explain the utter peace and rejoicing in my heart I felt during that time. It was honestly a happy occasion, not coated in sorrow as the last two years.

I received the sweetest card from a close friend letting me know her prayers and thoughts were with me on that day. You can't believe how much that meant! My husband was very sick then, so just the girls and I went to church on Sunday. I was tempted not to go...but you know, it's amazing how God works, because the sermon was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. It was about Heaven and all the amazing things we have to look forward to. Laster, we went to the cemetery with a dozen roses, sang a hymn, and said a prayer. It was beautiful. Once again, we saw Mt. Ranier from her spot, clear as anything. Thank you, Lord, for gorgeous weather.

It's kind of a strange feeling. Like Amelia went to be with Jesus so long ago. It's only been two years. Yet, other times, when I walk down memory lane, the feelings are fresh as if they just happened.


Today was a sunny, crisp Fall day. I didn't have any students, so a walk seemed perfect. I wrapped K in the Moby, B packed her babies in the wagon and we headed down the street to the playground. If I had been all by myself, I would have taken a lot longer stroll, but I could tell my tired-out daughter wasn't ready for a 2-mile walk. Once we got to the playground, B wasn't the least bit interested in playing....she wanted to study states (the school has a US map on their playground)!! Seriously, my kindergartner, spent 20 min asking me all the states, just soaking in all the different names, where they were, which relatives lived where, and what was popular in each one.

But this is my girl! She is a thinker. I have a feeling she's going to be quite intellectual when she grows up. At home, she never wants to watch TV, only home videos. I'm usually the one who asks if she wants to watch something. And if she does, she lasts about 5 minutes before she has a project in mind. She loves to help. In fact, I had her mopping the floor the other day! She was totally focused. Spent 30 minutes on it, without a peep. And when I cook in the kitchen, she is at my side with a stool. I want to hang on to these moments! Truth is, she's a huge help. Especially with K. Dashing here and there to get me things. She even wants to start changing diapers. I'm giving that one some thought yet :) Her favorite things are to sing to and play with Katie. And she kisses her sister all the time. Seriously. At her bday party, in between each gift, she had to go and kiss Katie. Hilarious! She also loves school. Especially Math. She's rather do Math and Art than Handwriting any day.

I probably sound like the annoying Mom boasting with pride. Believe me, we definitely butt heads, and I mean, we have some major clashes (we're two of a kind -wonder who planned that?!). We are both learning character and that is healthy. But I'm just so thankful for who my daughter is growing to become! And I also love her just because she's mine :)

As for Katie, she's 6 months if you can believe it. She's already starting to sit up long periods all by herself. Her other new thing is holding on to her toes during diaper change time. My heart just melts at her beautiful smile. And my youngest is a chubby one!! I will be sad when she thins out! She has blue eyes (still) and very auburnish hair. I'm still holding out for red! No teeth or sign of crawling yet. Really, I don't mind. We are going to start real food here pretty soon though. Katie, as opposed to Brilla, loves the TV and computer. This girl is glued. She lives in her exersaucer, on her tummy and sitting up on the couch.

Did I ever share that I'm currently addicted to cloth diapering? I am. I don't really know how it happened, but all of a sudden, I watch ebay and craiglist for cute dipes. I now know words like organic bamboo velour, snappiable, and soaker. Most of my extra money goes to cute cloth coverings for my daughter's behind! I know, it's crazy. But true. And very, very cute!!

Next post I will have to delve further into the topic and even post some pics of my stylin' diapers. Woohoo!