Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reese is snuggled up next to my chest in the Moby right now. So sweet to see hear her little breaths and grunts.

We have had a "vacation" from all things routine Today is the most we've been out; it was great. We will all sleep good, especially the older girls.

This morning was our first time back to Bible study in three weeks! Believe it or not, somewhere in between nursing and being awake at 3 am this last week, I was able to finish the questions. I feel like I'm in school again. They were SO hard! Not that we're graded or anything, but there are some things I have glazed over at times and not thought deeply about. Especially lately. The hardest thought I can get my brain to think about is, "When did Reese eat last?" But thank you, Holy Spirit, the One who gives us heart knowledge, not just brain knowledge.

After study, we went grocery shopping. Yes, I will admit it was a rather brave (dumb?) decision to do that after two hours gone from home already. But we really needed milk, eggs, know how dairy gets consumed overnight.

And I paid for it.

I was treading on nap time territory. Katie was yelling,"Owie" for about 15 min straight (I do not exaggerate) and didn't want to stay in the cool car-shaped cart she originally picked out. Which is incredibly awkward to push around in the first place.

We finally made it to the landing pad though! Can I tell you I really treasure my middle girl's nap time? She is such a handful these days. Ever since Reese was born, she struggles with attachment issues, needs way more attention - especially from Daddy. Thankfully, she absolutely adores her little sister and lauds her with love, but she needs a little extra love herself thes

Right now is bliss however. Both girls at are at AWANA. Found out my middle girl can go too now. Makes Wednesday nights so much easier. Plus, K gets to have her own class time like big sister.

Reese is nursing much better these days. We bought a nipple shield last Thursday and ever since, her feeding are much easier. Except that she continuously falls asleep at the breast and I have to wake her to finish, which ends up being an hour-long nursing period! Whew! I feel like as soon as I'm done nursing, time to do it again! It's part of newborn-hood. How do we forget these seasons of life? I think it's God's gift of temporary amnesia.

I will be very honest with you. These last few weeks have been tough. I get quite a bit of cabin fever and I feel like a hermit. At times I am on cloud nine with what God's surrounded me with, and others, I feel like a walking zombie running on fumes. Thank goodness my husband has armloads of forgiveness when I've had a couple meltdowns!

Friends have been super sweet in taking the older girls. But the fact remains, it will take time getting used to life with three. I love the days when we have no appointments or get-togethers. We can just hang out, catch up on school work and chores and just be with each other. After a couple days, however, I'm ready for a trip to the mall :)

I know you moms with three plus are sniggering. Such as life, you say; this too shall pass. But really I don't want it to go too quickly; life is made up of such as these.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Absolute Peace

Reese Emily is officially one-week old. The last couple nights have been almost too good to be true. She has given me at a couple 3+ hr chunks of sleep. And her eating is great, except for some reason she is not a fan of my left side. So I've been pumping that side to equal things out.

Today was Bible study day, but we didn't go. We're still getting our schedule down. Unfortunately, after loading my girls in the car and driving all the way to Lake Tapps for our newborn check-up appointment, there was no one there! I assume (hope) this means a sudden at-home birth was taking place and not that I got the date wrong. We made the best of it, and stopped at Top Foods for some fresh produce and not so healthy donuts. But I tell you what, they are some of the best around and not as expensive at Top Pot (our favorite).

I actually took a shower and did my hair today. Didn't get as far as makeup. There are a lot of things around here that I'll eventually get around to...bills, laundry, taxes, consistent homeschooling. You know, just the essentials! :)

I am loving being a mom of three. I am beyond blessed. I remember about 3 1/2 years ago, my heart ached for a babe I could not have. And here I hold the most precious newborn girl I could dream for.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tired is a small word for how drained I feel tonight. Part of it is due to having given birth but a week ago, part of it is the zero sleep I got last night, part of it is the walk we took down the block and all of it is living life with now three.

My oldest is no trouble at all. But caring for tiny Reese and rambunctious Katie? If you have a nearly 2 yo, you know what I mean. They are extremely needy, busy, and loud. The reason why they are kept around is because they are so golly darned cute!

Reese is doing well. She is running me for a loop though. I struggle keeping her awake to eat a good feeding at night. Then she wakes me up about a half-hour to an hour later with crying to get more! Some nights she has eaten well and gone the average two and a half hrs sleeping.

I should be napping instead of posting. Why do you want to hear that I'm exhausted?

I was blessed today...

A dear friend brought me a delicious (and can you believe healthy?) dinner and we chatted during Reese's nap. She also gave a couple sweet gifts. There is nothing like a friend to talk with when your brain is on hold. It's very therapeutic.

Then, we took a family walk around our neighborhood on this sunny day. I love days like that. Crisp and sunny, not a cloud in sight.

Lastly, our Slavic neighbors (whom I've never met) came over bearing gifts. European chocolates, gorgeous flowers and a bag full of candy for Brilla. They are Christians, too and are friendly as can be. They had their married daughter with them to interpret since they don't speak English fluently. How brave and generous is that?

Off I go to nap before the wee one wakes up for a snack. Good night and if you think of it, say a prayer for strength on my end, please? Also that Reese would eat well and sleep more at night.

Thank you!