Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Godly Man Gone Home

I just found out that David Wilkerson died in a car accident last night. This news deeply saddens my heart. Not because he's Home, but, our world was blessed with a true saint and man of God, and now it is void of him. But through all the words he spoke from Scripture, God's Word will not return void. It is still changing the hearts of men and women.

Almost every Christian I know has seen The Cross and the Switchblade. I did as a teen and was emboldened to compassion and sharing the Gospel. But also as a teen, I struggled with deep sin. Sin that left me feeling entrapped and like a hypocrite. This sin was "secret" but how could I not realize that God was watching? Satan, and our own hearts, can twist the truth.

I vividly remember the evening David Wilkerson spoke to my heart.

Dad had brought home a video message of him. Our family had watched this message before; the first time it had seemed unduly harsh. However, this time I felt Dr. Wilkerson speaking directly to me when he talked about the church of God "passing under the rod". I didn't speak of it after we turned the screen off. But my conscience, and God, would not leave me alone! That night, my dear, compassionate father listened to me as I poured out my heart to him about everything.

And that is how Dr. Wilkerson impacted my life.

His BLOG, last post just written yesterday, spoke to my heart again.

Another saint gone to be with Jesus!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Budget & Style

Any of you on a new budget? We bit the bullet and did a sort-of-budget. Since we don't have a predictable, constant income, we did more of a cap-type where we tracked our spending for 3 months then dealt out a limit we thought reasonable.

It has been the best thing we've done in a while! I like having a goal for saving our money. I also have more freedom knowing where everything is going.

I've had to cut back on a few things. I thought it would be hard on me, but it's been the complete opposite. It's been challenging, but rewarding. I've had to be a bit more creative, and content. I get less (almost nil) coffee out, don't buy clothes every month, and cook meals more. We still love eating out, that's kind of our thing, but much less than we used to.

Plus, we have piles of things in storage. All those things I buy add up. Less things to store? I can handle that!

Which reminds me, Spring cleaning is just around the corner. I cannot wait to get my hands on our garage. I am not one of those people who regularly cleans their garage (and just moves around junk). I wait until a certain time every year, then do a massive downsizing. The more I dig into my drawers, cabinets and closets around the house, even though we have a small home, Spring cleaning calls my name.

I just got several books from the library; a few are about decorating and finding space in a smaller home. I am a design and decor book junkie. I love all things interior. My house does not look it though! I have a gazillion ideas running through my head but nothing to show for. So, I have decided that I'm going to finally finish decorating the main part of my house that my husband so amazingly remodeled.

The Finishing Touch has been a great book to thumb through. Obviously, I cannot afford much of the suggested decor, but I can definitely improvise and add my own touch. Be creative with what I have. I did go out and buy a new rug, some candles, and a curtain rod to help me out. I'm trying to lighten up our living room since a smaller home shouldn't have a dark feel. Though amidst the drippy rain it may not feel like it, Spring and Summer are at our doorstep. Time to brighten up!

On another topic, I have been reading StyleClinic. Though I admire great style, my closet does not reflect this, as I've never been disciplined about what I buy. I buy random sale items and too many. I think I dress with some style, but I spend way too much time in front of my closet with my hands on my hips.

I like this quote - "I am against fashion that doesn't last. I cannot accept that you throw your clothes away just because it is Spring." Coco Chanel

Basically, the book has said fashion is different than style. Fashionable clothing is trendy. Fashionable items should be bought cheaply, can be donated or sold when the season is over. However, style is clothing that lasts. Like classic pumps, a white dress shirt or cashmere sweater. When you find something stylish, that suits you, it should be kept until it is worn-out or outdated. These stylish pieces are also what you should spend a more on.

Anyway, if you are concerned about your style, or even a basic wardrobe, give this book a try. If you could give a hoot, then never mind :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Someone in our family turned one last week, April 5th!

Katie had a simple but wonderful family party 2 Sundays ago. She enjoyed having her first cupcake, opening her first birthday gifts, and playing with her cousins. What more fun could a little not-yet-toddler ask for?

She got hairclips, 2 outfits, a stuffed bear, and only 1 toy. We were SO glad she only received 1! We have too many as it is. We don't buy our kids toys, they get plenty from grandparents and friends, but after a while, they pile up.

Here she is with some gifts:

We love our little munchkin. She is by far our most docile baby. Right now, however, she is going through a phase and she has been a very whiny baby. I put that in emphasis because a whiny baby will drive even a saint to ruins. She has a bad diaper rash (perhaps even a yeast infection), is teething, and is weaning. So, lots to fuss about. But she eats super well and is crawling and cruising everywhere. I personally love the freedom she has now with crawling. Makes cooking dinner and whatnot that much easier.

Lastly, wanted to share with you my little gift to Katie:

The lighting makes the flower yellowish, but it is actually cream-colored. I was so happy to finally make a CUTE flowery hat for my little love.