Wednesday, June 29, 2011

9 weeks

Yes, 9 weeks. And yes, you may see an exciting post like this every week! Heehee.

Katie has started movin' on her walker, thanks to my friend Susi's recent post. Why didn't I get her on that thing sooner? She is addicted and won't stop except to get a drink and a snack now and then! I figured at 14 mos, it might be a good time to started urging her to walk. Although, I've heard the longer children crawl, the better because it strengthens their spine. The curvature is improved because they have to use their core, and neck muscles.

I am still blinking from the finish of K4. It was such a fun school year. Meanwhile, Brilla is doing some fun Math and Writing books to maintain during the summer. Also, she is doing the Summer Reading Club at our local library. It's a "rewarding" way to keep up her reading skills, since they get rewards once they've reached a certain amount of reading time. We've enjoyed reading Clifford, Fancy Nancy, Berenstein Bears, ballet books, etc. Both my girls love books, so it's a treat. B is also doing piano lessons and will start up swim next week. My husband and I both agreed we want her to learn swimming, even if just for safety reasons.

I'm teaching through Summer. Some parents and students need and break, which they take. But as for the rest, we just keep going! It's neat when all your students enjoy piano lessons. I've had to change my expectations and cater to meet the needs of each student. The goal is for each child to be interested in music and learn in the best way, while at the same time, have objectives to complete. For example, I have a student whose light bulb was just not coming on and the excitement which was there, had dwindled. I gave that student a Star Wars book and BOOM!, the bulb lit! On the objective side, I like my students to play comprehensive pieces that include classical. I also like them to do theory; know what they are playing and be able to read notes. I have one student who is wildly talented at piano. He is only 6 and just played his first Sonatina. I have to continually keep him challenged! See how piano continues to be fun for me?

My husband is about to be crazy busy with work. I don't mean he's been sitting on the couch this whole time. What I mean is...framing is made up of pockets of time. Some months you are getting a project here and there, other times you are hiring like 4 more guys because you have 4/5 projects going at once. The latter is what is happening right now. I tend to be a flexible wife and don't mind my husband's strange hours. I figure there are plenty of men out there without work, why should I complain when my husband has to work late or on Saturdays? We can pay our bills and have our needs met. We have much to be grateful for.

Lately, I've had a cold. One that has hung on for a week and a half. It started with a sore throat (no other symptoms) for a week, then on the weekend, it escalated and left me voiceless. I have been struggling to get it back ever since, and in the meantime, have had bad congestion. Last night is the best night's sleep I've had in a while. My voice is also much better. I tell you, it was beginning to be a big pain. Of course, you can imagine my H enjoyed teasing me about my voice and the girls liked the freedom of mom not raising her voice.

As for first trimester woes, I've decided to spare you. I am still struggling and still tired, but distraction is the key.

The neighbor girls keep stopping by, like every day. I'm not exaggerating. I struggle with my attitude. Don't get me wrong, they are very sweet girls, but you can have too much of a good thing. So if I'm busy, I just let them know. If I'm gardening, I ask them if they'd like to join, and they do...for about 5 minutes :) But really, what they want to do is come in, have a snack, play the piano and hang out for a couple of hours, no joke. Brilla loves when they show up! And they love to hold Katie. So it is often a plus. M and I have decided to start Summer Bible club again. The Lord has put a strong desire in our heart to share the Gospel with the kids around here. Sure, some of them have been before, but as we all know, there are different seasons of sowing and reaping.

Today I'm hoping to get a walk in and get the dishes done! My youngest is sleeping so now seems to be a great time for a shower.

Hope to catch up on my posting again, at least once a week~

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Trimester Funk

I am at 8 weeks, little babe is the size of a kidney bean (which is supposed to be bigger than last week's blueberry at 7 weeks). There really is nothing like pregnancy to make time stand still. I feel like the days are creeping by. What I really want is to be at 12 plus weeks and out of this funk of nausea and utter exhaustion.

You know, on Monday, I had a serious bout of depression. I know there is much talk about PPD (post-partum depression), but nobody ever talks about first trimester depression. I have not struggled with PPD, but definitely have with FTD (my own clinical abbreviation). It must be the combination of hormones, tiredness, and inability to eat like normal. This is my second time experiencing it, and I'm sure there are others out there who do. Anyway, all I know is, I found myself on the couch in the "depths of despair" (in consideration of Anne Shirley), sick with a sore throat and headache, and utterly miserable. Don't get me wrong, I am usually a go-getter, looking for an adventure with the kiddos (especially during Summer). So, what is a woman to do when she feels this way but has two little ones swirling around her, very needy? Well, I tried my motivational speech of "You can do this, just get up and get dressed", I tried positive thinking, "It'll pass in a little bit". But when the entire morning went by and I was still feeling depressed, I finally asked the Lord for help. Yes, the classic scenario of trying to do it in your strength, failing miserably, then realizing He has been there all along. And you know what? My simple plea of "Lord, please take away this pit in my stomach, relieve my sore throat and bring me out of this depression" was answered. Partly in the form of a nap, because when I woke up only 10 min later, I felt worlds better. And, as a bonus, Mike pulled up in his truck, home early from work. The Lord always knows when we need help, even in the seemingly small things! Since Monday, I've had no trouble getting on my feet and staying busy. Never underestimate the care and love of the Lord!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It has hit. The intense headaches, barely-there nausea, pungent smells, and hardly-eat-a-thing meals.

I am not feeling good right now. I've noticed eating a couple slices of lunch meat and gulping a big glass of water has helped in the mornings. The evenings are bad though. I get easily bloated and I just feel all around uncomfortable.

I have said this with each of my past three pregnancies, but how did I forget? How did I forget how miserable the first trimester is for me? I like creating my healthy meals at home and I just can't these days. The smells simply overwhelm me. Mike doesn't cook at all so that leaves eating out, or buying something pre-cooked. My appetite also changes every day. What sounded good at lunch, doesn't sound good at dinner. Hence, we may have to tip our budget a little on food this month.

Thankfully, all of my students are on Mondays. That leaves the rest of the week to distract myself with gardening, paperwork, cleaning, and home schooling, etc. Wish my schedule stayed like this forever!

I am ready to have our Summer break from school! We have finished Math and Reading. We still have some Handwriting and Poetry to finish. Brilla read the word Tennessee last night, and it proved how well our curriculum works, and that she's come a long way. I am thankful I don't have to motivate my daughter to do her work. She gets excited every time we start. She may get a *little* distracted and we have to refocus. But overall, she likes to learn. I am excited about broadening our subjects next year, with History, Spelling and Science. But oh, am I looking forward to our Summer break first!

My brother is home from college for the summer. I miss both of my brothers so much throughout the year, especially at family events. The other one I don't get to see until August. Only two months away though! The brother that's home has been a huge help. He's already finished a huge project for us; ridding us of cables running along the floor for our toddler to chomp on, and reconnecting our tv and internet through the house. I am realizing more and more that my brothers are men now! One has his very serious girl friend coming to visit and the other is travelling with an ensemble group from school (that's why we only get to see him come Aug), setting his sights on law school after he graduates with this BS, or is it BA? Time goes by so fast. It is a huge blessing that we are close friends.

I start playing softball on Friday. The last time I played softball was when I was in grade school. Yeah. I'll need a little practice with Mike so I don't embarrass the team. It will be great for me to get the exercise though. Lately I've had no long walks or workout videos; I've been feeling pretty bad.

My youngest is asleep right now. She is teething and the poor thing has had a runny nose and short temper lately. She is still an unbelievable bundle of cuteness, chub and smiles. She has the prettiest smile ever! Her crawling has led her to greater the toilet and eating my plants. She cruises along furniture, etc., but no walking yet. Her personality is very laid back. Her whole life, from birth (she was about 2 weeks late), she has never been in a hurry. We all figure she will walk when she's good and ready!

We have had amazing weather lately. Especially over the weekend. Right now it's cloudy, windy and looks like it will rain. I'm not at all sad, because it just means I don't have to get out and plant my lilac starters, which I don't feel like doing.

My project today is to finally purge out the 2010 files and put it in storage. Sheesh....