Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hi! It's Been A While.

It has. I've been busy. (Aren't we all?)

It's this time of year that I limit myself to internet access so we can make a big leaping finish for school's end. Having Reese set us behind, so we are really "booking" it. Truth is, we are not behind on our learning goals for the year, just on the books. We won't finish Cursive or Saxon Math 1 Math - if any of you have used Saxon 1 Math, you know what I am talking about, it is two whole booklets - and whoever finished Cursive in Kindergarten?

Fridays are our day to hang out with friends. This is what we did last week:

A couple girl friends and I have added some kids to the mix since the last time we three met up. And Baby Reesie decided to hang out inside on a warm lap. It had been so sunny all week and this day it was chilly! That's Pacific NW weather for you.

Daddy was out-of-town for a men's retreat. The girls and I had a fun weekend together doing all kinds of stuff. Since Daddy wasn't along, those plans entailed lots of shopping! On Saturday, we headed to an annual community garage sale, where all the homes in that development put out their stuff on the same weekend. I was able to drop the girls off at their cousin's house (the perks of having an older niece!) while Reese and I hit the sales. The weather was beautiful, so I parked the car at the front of the development and just walked the whole thing. Glad I did, especially when I saw what a traffic jam all the cars caused. I bought the cutest butcher block table with white wooden legs for only $20. We have been looking for such a table for the kitchen. I'm going to stain the butcher block a darker tint. Also, at the very first sale, I found clothes for my oldest! About 6 different outfits for only $18, name brand and excellent used condition. We picked up some Hello Kitty rain boots and pink shoes for Katie Lady and a silk shirt for me. Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts.  And then I found a hanging wrought iron basket for my produce, going to spray it black. So, all in all, we came out good!

Right afterward, we went an hour and a half south for a bridal shower. As we headed into the boonies, my daughter asks, "Where in the world are we going, Mom?" Heehee. My brother is getting married June 2! This was my future sister-in-law's shower! I'm so giddy for them, but know I will be crying buckets of tears the day of. *sigh* My little bro all grown up.

Speaking of "little brothers", now 20 and 24, they both graduated this Spring. The younger with his Bachelors in Pre-Law and the other with his Masters in Business. Sean will go on to law school at Oklahoma City University (where my Granddad attended) and Brian and his bride will live in Pensacola, Florida for a couple years, where they have secured jobs. I know, both my brothers so far away! Makes an excuse for visiting them. Boy will they be missed.

Katie has a birthday in April. She is now an explosive 2!! Gets into everything and still has her volume button turned up to LOUD. Below, you can see what she does with a smoothie.

 But she also has a sweet and affectionate personality, so cuddly and gentle with her baby sister, Reese, whom she coins 'Reeshie Peeshie'.

I have been decorating my home. As you know, a person like me is never really satisfied when it comes to that. There's always something that could be arranged differently, or just a new improvement/addition here or there. My latest project was a an old cabinet door I turned into a chalk board (above)! The look of it still is not just what I want but there it is for the time being. As you can see, Katie walked up and smeared all the letters on the bottom. Had to leave her mark.

And to end this post, I leave you several pics of my youngest cutie, taken yesterday afternoon.

Happy Wednesday! Hang're almost to the weekend!