Sunday, May 13, 2018

Spring Has Fully Sprung in the Valley

We are so excited to say - we are moving in to our new home before the month is over! So much hard work and planning has been poured into this much larger space (and much more elbow grease to come) that we can hardly stand the anticipation.

The kids have been extremely patient living in bunk beds and shared rooms for yet another year, as well as taking turns is in one bathroom. Well, there are two, but the other tiny toilet area stops up every other time we use it, so we just avoid it and use it for extra mirror prep space! We've had nothing to complain about: the trip to the Goheen project is a mere under-20 min drive, the kids' schools have been excellent, the yard and storage space has been just right; and we have made new friendships. God has taught us much this year and we are excited to learn even more in the days to come.

One thing I've discovered: If you are not content with where God has you currently, you will never be content. I'm not even talking external things. Sometimes we are impatient with ourselves, who God has made us to be, the kind of personality we have, the attitudes in our heart we must still work on. Sometimes I wish God would fully form this weak vessel that I am because, don't know about you, but I'm tired of failing and having to come to God (and family members) and ask for forgiveness; I'm tired of feeling like I have to meet others' approval (often it's my own imagining) and I'm tired of the burden sin itself places on us. But God IS at work in my life, especially in the weaknesses. There is redemption, healing, love and mercy in the arms of God. He is turning all the gunk into a beautiful pot. He is using me in others' lives, believe it or not, especially my kids'. I need to speak the truth "It Is Well with My Soul" because God has handled everything at the cross, He has an ultimate plan, and He cares so much to have sent me a Comforter in the process. He sits down to dine with me and desires fellowship.

I'm like,"Wow, God. You care about me and take care of just like when I was 9, or 15, etc. You really keep Your word." Quite often, I look back in amazement of answered prayer, or a met need, however seemingly small. God cares for us. He cares for the lilies and sparrows, He cares even more for His children.

This coming school year (yes, I already have to think about that!) has much to hold. I already had to submit my learning plan for my eldest's schooling, since she coordinates with the school system. Also, every year, my husband and I look over the last year and see if any changes need to be made. This year, we decided our eldest needs more oversight, we will possibly keep the little girls in traditional school, and our youngest will attend Christian preschool. Nothing is ever "the perfect" plan, sometimes it has to be tweaked but I love that Mike and I communicate regularly and are usually in sink with each other on what's a good plan for the family. I also like getting the kids' input. But ultimately, even hard things for a while are for their best.

Good night until the next post ~

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