Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Wonder of My Weekend

Surprise...I'm blogging again!

I've decided I miss this page.

I don't promise consistent posts, but hope I will post more in these cold months *impish grin*

'Tis the season for colds and coughs. We are almost healed from a long streak of illness. That's what happens when you have four kids and attend a church that is one-third kids (or so it seems)! My husband and I don't visit the doctor often. We just don't need to. We try to treat symptoms with natural approaches, and they usually work. However, after several tries with essential oils, honey, teas, sleep, diet change, etc...we decided it was time for our daughter to go to the doctor for her cough! And we are SO GLAD she did. She was the last one to catch this horrible flu-like sickness and it didn't seem to want to die a quick death. Within just hours of her taking her medication, there is a huge difference.

I am all about natural. Especially if you're an adult, we know how to care for ourselves (or should anyway). But God gave us wise doctors and modern medications for a reason. So we can live life when our natural approach just does not nip it in the bud. Thank goodness! Here is to returning to all the activities we had to forego because of this of ole annoying cough!

Last year around this time, I was pestered with morning sickness. Awful. I dreaded the holidays. Anything to do with food nauseated me because of all the dreaded smells and cooking. I even remember making some chocolate no-bakes and not being able to look at another one afterward. This year is a different story! I am ready to bring out the turkey, cranberry sauce, thankfulness tree, and start my Christmas shopping. A few family parties have got me in the mood for all things cheery and bright. We are very blessed to have family close, even more so, family that loves Jesus.

Speaking of loving Jesus, this weekend I had the privilege of attending a beautiful ladies conference. All we did was bask in the awesomeness of God. We were reminded of His glory, His love, His forgiveness, His promise of Heaven. So much more, too. I left feeling like I wanted more of God, like I wasn't satisfied and want to dig more in His Word and find out about His heart. That's a good thing, right? Just like friendships, where we want to know our dear friend's desires in life and how she/he thinks and feels, so it is with our Father God. One of the coolest things I heard this weekend, which was straight from Scripture by the way, was "when we were God's enemies, He crushed His Son for us. What will He do for us when we sin as His children? " Basically, our speaker was getting at the fact that we need to draw near to God when we feel shame from sin in our lives. We often shrink away from God in the dark corner when we've done wrong. That often puts us in a position to give more into sin. He wants the opposite. He wants our shame to be a gift to bring us to repentance, restored before our Father. He loves us so much. He doesn't want to afflict us. He has no desire to be angry with us. He wants a relationship and fellowship.

Also this weekend, my very dear friend took me out for a birthday lunch. Delicious. But more than the food, I enjoyed our talking. With 7 kids between us, it is hard to get that deep conversation in. What a treat a true friend is! Someone who cares to make time in this busy life to do something fun with you. Thanks Friend. You know who you are.

Today we had a fun evening with extended family. My husband's cousin and his wife and two kids came up to visit. Such good catching up. These kind of times are rewarding and you don't want to get back to the daily grind. Like I said, I'm ready for the holiday celebrations. Not all the gift and craziness, just the hanging out with friends and family part.

And now I have to clean up my kitchen because I don't want to see dirty dishes when I wake up. Some things you dislike so much you just have to do without thinking before you convince yourself to forget it!

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